What is 5.1 surround sound and why do we love it?

Watching a good action movie or listening to that band jam, can become more powerful and exciting if there is a right audio output. Sound can make or break the experience of getting entertained, as nobody likes to listen to cackling or low-quality music. Thus there is a need for a high-quality audio and music system, that can give the best audio output. There are different types of audio systems that one can install along with their home theatre systems. one of the most famous that people tend to suggest and like the most is the surround sound system.

What is the surround sound?

As the name suggests, a surround sound system is the one that gives the output from various speakers and outlets creating an envelope of sound. The audio output from a surround sound system surrounds the person listening from all sides giving a complete 360 degrees feel. for this type of all directional surround sound, feel the home theatre system tends to have multiple channels and speakers which can be placed in different places. there are different types of surround systems out of which 5.1 and 7.1 being the most famous ones.

What comprises a 5.1 surround sound system?

Every music and audio system is different from the other, and one should have a clear idea of what all speakers and channels are used to get the needed output. While searching for a home theatre or a music system for the domestic purpose, the 5.1 audio system for a surround system is the best choice. the set up of the surround system is most important to get the real feel of the immersive music system.

A surround system consists of:

  • Center channel speaker: this speaker is to be placed in the center of the setup, most probably in front of the TV. It is the speaker that reproduces the dialogues and clear sound effects with wide frequency. These speakers are flat and wide, to distribute the sound in a much more uniform way. one should never compromise with the quality of this speaker.
  • Left and right speakers in front: these two are crucial for reproducing the majority of the music in the soundtrack. It is also helpful in making the dialogues more clear especially when the characters are moving from one side to another. These speakers are needed to give out all kinds of frequencies, low bass higher tones, effects in sound, etc. these speakers of higher quality are a must-have for those who want to use the surround sound for listening to music.
  • Surround speakers: these speakers are also two in number, one is to be placed on the left and one on the right. These speakers are of the same use as the front speakers, as they need to catch all frequencies and give out all kinds of music. But thee speakers are of much lesser importance than the front speakers. Though they are crucial for creating the entire 5.1 audio and music equipment setup, one can compromise with the quality of them. there is no mandatory that these speakers will have to be of the same higher quality as the front speakers. There is some surround speakers style:
    • Bipole speakers: these speakers tend to generate the sound in two opposite directions at the same time. One should make it a point to place them in a way that the sound gets pushed creating a surrounding for the listeners and not directly towards them.
    • Dipole speakers: dipole speakers, are very much the same as bipole speakers as the sound is generated in two directions. However in this, the sound produced out of phase, that is the one side will pull and the other will push.
  • Subwoofer: to get that extra feeling and surround sound experience, the subwoofer is a must. It generates a low bass end sound, increasing the result of the music. Proper bass will always make the sound more filled and more balanced, which will increase the listening experience. choose subwoofers depending on the type of low bass one is in search of, and how marge the room is. smaller rooms need not have bigger subwoofers, as it will cause a lot of vibrations in the doors and windows.

Benefits of surround sound

It is always a great feeling to have an indoor movie night, but one may not get the same feel as watching movies in a theatre. The reason being, the general televisions will not give the same feel as the surround sound of the theatre. However, it is not completely impossible to get the same feel at home. One can set up a 5.1 sound system and get almost the same experience at home. There are many benefits of getting a surround sound system for one’s place like:

  • Watch movies: the very first benefit is that one can watch movies with utmost clarity. It is a great feeling to watch and experience a movie where every single sound is audible. One can listen to the slightest rustling of leaves, footsteps of characters, wind howling with exceptional clarity with the surround sound.
  • Video games: proper sound is what makes a video game even more riveting and fun to play. With a surround sound, one can play video games and can feel like oneself is on the battlefield or racecourse of the gaming world.
  • No distractions: getting disturbed by nearby sounds while playing video games or while watching an interesting part of the movie can ruin one’s mood entirely. With surround sound, the nearby noises are drowned and one cannot hear anything other than the movie dialogues and music. This enhances the overall experience and serves the right purpose of watching a movie to relax.

Final words

A 5.1 surround sound system is something that will enhance the entire living room ambiance. One can set them up in the most effective way which will increase the performance of the audio system. Watch movies and listen to music in the most regal way, as the sound will now engulf the listener from all sides giving an immersive audio and music experience. Choose surround systems keeping in mind various factors like the space available in the room, the quality of sound one is looking for and the budget that one is planning to spare.