Want To Know About Depression
Treatment Without Medication

Depression is a very normal problem which every second person is dealing with. This disease is very crucial and serious; this can go worse if no proper step is taken towards it. Depression is dealing with sadness, lack of sleep, loss in interest, the way you think etc. the one who is depressed will give you negative points on everything or will stay alone.

Depression can increase even more if you stay alone. The depressed does not like any social relationship; the person does not want to interact with anyone. Depression will always make you feel sad; you will ultimately see you are losing your weight as you are not going for proper appetite. The busy schedule of people does not give them time to take proper relaxation due to which there are more and more cases of depression. So it is important to go for regular checkups from the specialists. So you can help any depressed patient after reading this.

What are the Symptoms of Depression?

There are many symptoms of depression through which to can get know that you or your known one is dealing with it or not. Symptoms must be last for 3 to 4 weeks before this period you cannot be sure.

There are some of them listed down:

  • Feeling sad every time.
  • Loss of interest in activities which a person use to enjoy it before.
  • Excessive sleeping or lack of sleep
  • Feeling guilty all the time
  • Difficulty in thinking, making decisions or concentrating on something.
  • Thoughts of suicide or death.

These are some symptoms through which you can find out that the person is going through depression or not. Feeling sad is the most normal symptom of depression; loss of interest takes place in all the work or activities the person used to enjoy once. The limit of sleeping extends over limit or decreases. The person founds himself guilty on every situation, that if any uncertainty takes place, the person thinks it is happening because of him. The person loses his confidence and is not able to think anything or lack in decision making and not able to focus on something. Ultimately the thought of suicidal and death come to mind after this the situation goes worse.

Are There Any Treatments For Depression Without Medication?

There are many depression treatments without medication that can help you to get a cure. Medication is not only the way to come out from depression; many more ways are more convenient and effective than medication.

Some of the treatments that help you get cure:

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy: this therapy focuses on your negative thoughts, emotions and behaviour response on the situation and helps you to come out of it.
  • Get a routine: if you are dealing with depression, your routine has gone to an end. So try to get back to routine and come back o0n the track.
  • Set goals: the depressed person has to set up its goals. As the person thinks negative about himself and may feel like he cannot accomplish anything. So make daily goals an put your all effort to achieve it. This will make you feel better.
  • Morning exercise: regular morning exercise will help you to feel good and will be beneficial in the long term too. Do don’t have to work out for hours, do how much you want to but in regular bases.
  • Try to eat healthily: the depressed person eats too much or eats very less. So you have made it a proper diet in a healthy way. It will keep your mind fresh, and you feel better.
  • Get enough sleep: try to get enough sleep as less sleep will keep you tired, and you will not be able to focus on something.
  • Challenge negative thoughts: if you want to give a tough fight to depression, first you have to challenge your negative thoughts. Think positive as much as possible even on the negative situation. This will help you in the most effective and fastest way to get out of depression.
  • Try to have fun: go out with friends, do parties or do what you like but have fun. Live your life to the fullest.

What does TMS use for?

TMS is one most of the most effective treatment for the depressed ones. This treatment is used when all the treatments and therapies have failed on the patient. This is done by only some medical institutes. This treatment is performed only by the TMS depression specialist.

This treatment is not as expensive as it sounds. But this treatment is done only by the specialist on any serious case or special demand. But this therapy is not used before or as a first treatment. This treatment directly affects the mind and give strength to your mind and body, and help you to get a cure.

There are How many types of Depression?

Usually, people think there is only one type of depression which deals with all the problem. But it is not true, there are many types of depression, and you need to know it if you want to get rid of it.

Types of depression which you need to know:

  • Major depression: in this depression, the victim thinks about suicide and death. And they feel like throughout their lives.
  • Bipolar depression: this depression deals with mood swings. The victim’s mood suddenly changes from good to bad or bad to good.
  • Dysthymia: in this type of depression, the victim is going through low mood for a very long period. It can also be there for a lifetime.
  • Situational depression: this type of depression is due to some incident or situation. The victim comes to this depression after going through some situation or bad incident. This can occur due to loss of job too.
  • Postpartum depression: this happens only to women. This depression deals with fear or disconnected with the new baby as the mother thinks she will hurt the baby.

So if you or your loved ones are going through depression, you can make the cure. There are many depression treatments without medication through which you can get over it.

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