The Different Types Of Roofs And
Needs For Local Roofing Companies

Roofing industry is one of the industries that are in the rapid expansion process. These industries are being fueled by the ever- increasing needs for housing in the major cities. This has led to a great expansion in the sector. This is one of the sectors where automation is not possible due to the uneven designs for different houses. This is also an opportunity for local contractors and dealers to set up their own local roofing companies.

For selecting a roof or maintaining the current one, there are many options available and have different costs. Here is a list of all the materials that are common and are readily available in almost all the roofing experts.

  • Asphalt shingles
    This is the most common roofing material around the world. Asphalt roofs can be made in almost all the popular colors and are readily available. These types of roof can be easily re-enforced with fiberglass without losing the aesthetics.The only disadvantages of these roofs are the lifespan. These roofs only last up to 25 years with maximum care. The cost of these roofing materials can take up to a max amount of 120$ per square meter.
  • Clay and concrete
    This is a unique material that goes well with the Mediterranean and Spanish styled houses. This type of roofs is found in almost all the shapes and sizes , starting from flat square and ending with curved shapes. These types of roofs can last for more than 40 years, with maximum care the lifespan can be increased to more than 50 years.The disadvantage of this roof is the weight. These roofs are very heavy and can lead to many difficulties in transportation. There are cases where the house needs to be reinforced before placing the clay and concrete tiles.
  • Metal roofs
    Metals are normally referred to as shiny surfaces. Metal roofing is usually available in available in two types. The shingles and panels, panels are the most common ones and are readily available in the warehouses of local roofing companies. The main advantage of metal is that since being shiny reflects more than 60 percentage of the heat and keeps the house cool during the summers. The color of the roof is determined by the materials used, which can include steel, copper, aluminum and many others. Metal roofing is lightweight and can be used as a roofing material for almost all the house types. This type is preferred by the places where there is a lot of sun all around the year.The main cons of this type are the heavy initial cost, which can reach more than 800$ for a square meter.
  • Slate roofs
    This is one of the beautiful and elegant roofing materials. Slate roof tiles are available in different shades, of which all of them are beautiful. These types of roofs have many advantages. These include fire resistance and are often termed as the most durable roof of all times. Slate roofing materials are common local roofing companies which are situated in Europeans lifestyle localities. When this type of roof is well maintained they can last for more than a century. The price for slate roofs can begin from 600$The disadvantage of these types of roofing materials is the weight and the quality difference.
  • Wooden roof
    This type of roofing has been the most elegant choice for centuries. This is one of the oldest roofing materials in use in the modern age. Wooden roofs can be treated to make them resistant to a lot of problems. These include resistant to fire and insects like termites. Wooden roofing materials are best for use in dry and hot climate areas. The cost for this type of roof can vary from 100$ and reach a maximum value of about 1600$, this difference is due to the different treatments applied to increase the quality of the wood. Wooden floor options are available in local roofing companies where this type is permitted.The main disadvantage is the damages that can be caused in case of fire. This is also not good with cold, cold weather can make the wooden roofs split.

Different service options

For those who are looking to get a roof to replace or service they have two major options. These include either full contract or service only. These are described below.

  • Full contract
    The full contract option for roofing works is the best way for those who don’t have time. This method actually means that one is paying a local roofing company to select and the best materials for them with the help of their roofing experts for a fixed cost. The cost may be higher than the second option but is actually helpful for those who don’t have experience in picking the roofing options for their houses. In this method all the customer needs to do is select the roofing materials and pay the said price, the rest work is done as per as the contract. The company does all the major work here and have a time frame to complete the work in. this means that the works are always completed on the specified time.
  • Service only
    This is a risky option for those who are looking for the cheapest ways to get one’s roofing done. This involves hiring a contractor to complete the roofing; this may look cheaper option compared to the full contract. This can turn bad if the customer doesn’t have any experience before. The customer needs to select the roofing materials and also find a reliable way to transport the materials to the worksite; the contractor is only responsible for fixing the materials to the roof and nothing more. The differences in price can sometimes be very large and turn in favor of the customer if they know the magic of picking the right materials. This is a time-consuming work as one actually needs to visit different dealers to search for the roofing materials, this may sometimes take weeks and can cause a massive delay in the project timeline.

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