The Best Task Organizer App For Mobile

Life can be really messy with all the homework, assignments, projects or any kind of task. Sometimes it gets really hard to organize everything all by yourself and we understand that. No matter how old we grow, we can never be fully organized, well the majority of us cannot, the rest of you kudos!

98% of us are not CEOs or someone major that we have will have a personal secretary to keep everything organized for us but thanks to our technology Gods for blessing us with all-purpose smartphones.

And good news for all the IT developers for coming up with to do list app. So let’s check out some of the best task organizer apps on the three well-known operating systems.

To-do apps for Windows 10

  • Microsoft To-Do: Microsoft’s very own Microsoft To-Do helps you to create a list of tasks which are accessible on various platforms. You can even share the list with your co-workers or friends. Do not worry, the apps let you set reminders.
  • Todoist: If you want a really powerful task organization app then Todoist is your go-to. It is all because it has the skill to add tasks with simple text, like, if you say ‘write the assignment at 5 p.m.’ the app will set a reminder respectively. It also has the feature to integrate with other services like Amazon Alexa, Slack, IFTTT, and Dropbox.
  • TickTick: The app has cool features like smart lists, sharing lists, recurring reminders, and marking items. Also, your productivity can be tracked by using achievement scores and statistics. It also has an additional feature, which is the white noise generator which helps you to stay on your task.
  • Simplish: One of the oldest but gold. Most of the to do list app users will say that Wunderlist is the best of the lot and why won’t it be? The app gives you a notification if your peers finish a task from the shared list. Besides that, it supports various features like scheduling reminders, organizing various to-do lists and cross-platform syncing.

To-do apps for Android

Android has few apps common with Windows, such as the Todoist, Wunderlist, Microsoft to-do, TickTick. So let us focus on the ones they don’t have in common like:

  • Google Tasks: On Google tasks, you can very smoothly create your tasks directly from the emails and at the same time check them in your email, at a side panel. This makes the working way easier.
  • Engross: Before we look at it to-do features, let’s concentrate on the fact that it has a battery saving option which is really rare. The app can maintain your schedules task for a much longer period and records your work statistics daily-weekly-monthly along with the feature of attaching audios and photos to your tasks.
  • TimeBlock: The apps will help to create tasks, reminders, and to-dos. The app won’t fail to notify you about the scheduled tasks.
  • Stuff: This is a very different app. It doesn’t follow the rule of the traditional to-do apps. This app helps you to check the task list directly from the home screen and you do not have to open the app all the time. It is very minimal and has a compact size.

To-do apps for IOS

  • Evernote: The app is very efficient and can attach word documents, PDFs, webpages, audios, pictures, and videos. Add your tasks or scan notes.
  • Bear: A very simple app created to store to-do list and notes in the same place. A beautiful and adjustable writing app where you can craft notes, code, prose, and you can even sketch.
  • Remember the Milk: A pretty quirky name for a to-do app huh? Well, it is a really smart app and is made especially for the busy and hardworking people. The app kinda acts like your boss from your workplace who reminds you of your tasks through texts, twitter, and even email.
  • Habitica: This app is pretty fun to use. It is basically crazy. It turns your tasks into games and makes it more fun and engaging for you.

So these your task organizer app for mobile. You can choose from any one of them, whichever is suitable for you. It is always better to try all and then come to a decision. Todoist and Wunderlist are common in all three but the above mentioned is the best to do list app for you in three different operating systems.