Tesla-Authorized Repair Services And
Auto Body Shops Launching In Eight States

Tesla cars are the electric cars that originated in the year 2003, by Elon Musk. These are American all-electric car that has been in the growth spree from past decades. The company’s first car, Tesla Roadster was bought into the highlight, in the year 2008 to put up the capabilities and the all-electric car can have. This awestruck car company has come up to provide people with Tesla authorized repair shop and Tesla auto body shop. But now only light collision body shops for Tesla will be there all over the country for support.

Though the term electric car sounds cool and something one would love to have someday, there are several demerits of an electric car.

  • Charge Woes: Electric vehicles need charging stations and for people who love to travel, there should be charging stations all over strategically. It nearly takes 3 hours for a battery to charge and you always need to take charging equipment along with you. These car batteries are actually are usually given as a solid reason for not to buy such cars but charging stations are popping everywhere nowadays. Thus the old excuse of not able to charge doesn’t hold a disadvantage. Though they take time to recharge but one can use it for short trips as well as long trips with sensible planning.
  • Lack of power: In general the electric cars are still leading back from the cars that run on gas. They are still behind in climbing quickly and accelerating power. These statements are not true completely, as there are some electric cars which are fastest. A lot of battery is not consumed in the ability to climb but it can get consumed in internal combustion.
  • Overloaded battery: At the heart of a car is the cars battery. Use of other facilities in the car such as radio, air conditioning, etc. can make the battery lose its power and it takes a long time to recharge. The gas cars and other ordinary motor cars are there for more than hundred years now and has evolved with every passing year. Therefore give some time to the electric cars to get more advanced.
  • They are quite expensive: The batteries if these cars are usually the one that are expensive. A lithium-ion battery, which is powerful and long-lasting costs thousands of dollars. And these batteries can be used for four years thus adding more to the maintenance cost.
  • These cause pollution: These clean cars also cause pollution. These are not so environmental friendly cars as they are said to be. This doesn’t mean that you have to boycott these cars as Tesla cars have many pros and cons in the matter of pollution. These cares are far better than the gas vehicles which actually causes huge amount of pollution.
  • These cars are heavy: Batteries are what makes these cars heavy. Electric cars, the average battery can have a weight of around 450kgs or 1000 pounds approximately. This is one of the disadvantages that drain the fast because more weight exerts more pressure to pull the car forward. But there is nothing to worry because in modern times these batteries can be made smaller which will be reducing the weight.

Among all the above disadvantages what’s more of a concern is that Tesla Car manufacturers provide services only in their own service centers. The only weakness that Tesla has, is its body repair services. Buyers are now used to the long wait for their cars do be repaired and delivered back. Tesla usually takes too much of time in servicing and there are several complains about Tesla taking too much time to service a car after accidents. All these years Tesla had been blaming the third-party services for taking too much time. Whereas the body repair companies came up with that it’s the fault of Tesla as they take time in delivering. This has provoked Tesla to open their own authorized repair shops and body shops. In the previous year, Tesla started online training programs in order to open more shops. It was even said that the program would be helpful in opening three hundred shops. Tesla would be opening its own service centers in eight different states, such as Texas, California, Washington, Florida, Nevada, Maryland and Georgia. But Tesla auto body shop will provide light collision repair according to the companies promises.


Tesla Body Shop Support

Body shop support is not only fixing aesthetic damage but also to ensure the longevity, safety and functionality of your Tesla.

Tesla auto body shop

Tesla auto body shop or Tesla service centers can perform repairs on minor dents on body panels, scratches and paint scuffs. Only the light collision repairs are done in these body shops. You can get your appointment by logging into the Tesla app and fixing your own appointment choosing your preferred location for service.

In addition to this, Tesla owns other body repair centres that are specialized in repairing structural damages. At present the places where Tesla centers are available are as follows, San Jose and Pomona, California and Elk Grove Village, Chicago, Illinois

You can have your appointment by visiting the Tesla website, location your service location and putting up pictures of your damage.

Tesla authorized repair shops

Along with Tesla body repair shops, Tesla has joined hands with other best body shops in the world making it Tesla authorized repair shop. Thus, Tesla repair shops are growing day by day making it easy for the buyers. These repair shops have trained professionals and technicians who look after the cars. To schedule an appointment, these shops need to be contacted directly by the customers. For any additional support, you can email the Support team of these body shops. But you need to provide your VIN number and other details of your preferred body shop.

Thus, apart from all these Tesla is taking steps to make things easy for their customers who would love to have these fascinating electric-cars in their garage.

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