Life Planner Mobile Apps Are Essential

Being absorbed in the technological world of business, humans overlook their personal life or end up making a mess between their work and personal life. Always engaged in electronic gadgets it is this gadget that helps humans organize their time schedules to carry out various activities. Such planned schedules, timely reminders, to-do tasks, sticky notes, planners, alarms, etc. are organized by various apps available in the market. There are diverse fields under which various organizing apps are available. The fields maybe, as we call out, work & life management tool mobile app, life planner app, social media management app, fitness app, reading app, podcasts app, etc.

Availability of organizer apps:

Apps for such kinds are available on all types of operating systems such as the Mac, iOS, Android, etc. Certain apps are available exclusively on iOS and Android. Most of the apps are for free except for monthly or yearly subscriptions for advanced options in it. The following are the apps that are widely used by people under the mentioned categories above.

Work and life management tool apps:

  • Simplish: This app informs one about the to-do lists which can be official and personal depending upon the requirements. Just a small written note can be made into a reminder task.
  • Just Press Record: this app lets you convert the texts into voice notes for a person to register things in their mind through voice notes and supports around 30 languages.
  • Toggle: This app monitors the time one consumes in browsing and activities done and presents a study so that the individual realizes where his time is spent on and it also suggests where to reduce and maintain the time consumption.

Life planner apps:

  • Evernote: This app integrates with the other apps to manage your files. It is also a note-taking app that turns out to be reminders daily.
  • Hello: this app is based on the concept of bulletin boards to map down the activities and jot the regular schedule on a to-do basis.

Social media management apps:

  • Hootsuite: This app is a time scheduled app that posts all that has to be posted on social media at the allotted time. It also goes through one’s followers and acquaintance list to post at the highest surfing period for better results.
  • Sprout Social: the app handles various accounts and schedules posts across various networks at peak surfing times. It also allows one to tag oneself to keep track of their activities on all social platforms.
  • Tailwind: This app is best suited for managing Pinterest accounts. This helps bulk posting of pictures and monitors your profile’s grossing amount. This is an analysis app helping the user to do business as well as to know their standing in their platform.

Fitness apps:

  • Nike + Run Club: this app is the best for outdoor c radio for those who wish to keep their workouts intense by being on the run. It is GPS enabled and provides run guides.
  • Fitbod: this app is very effective for those who are interested in weightlifting. It chalks a plan according to your interest and also helps you push your goals much farther by gradually increasing your weights.
  • 8fit: this app plans out all fitness regimes inclusive of a healthy diet and sleep cycle to strengthen the core of the user according to their push and pull.

Reading apps:

  • Wattpad: this app lets young writers publish their works for readers to read new intriguing stories all across the globe.
  • Bookfunnel: this app lets one discover new authors and many new novels for fresh reads.
  • Oodles Ebook Reader: this app serves as a multilingual read, encouraging more than 10 languages for a user to read upon.

Podcasts apps:

  • Spotify: this app lets anyone keep podcasts playlists alongside their music playlists. One can follow and like the podcasts that they listen to.
  • Pocket Casts: this app is fairly compatible for new listeners, pro listeners, etc. as it has diverse subject matters. It is also available on various operating platforms.

The life planner apps and the work & life management tool mobile app are the highest trending apps installed for enhancing the performance of work and personal life.